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Prep Tips and What to Expect from Fall Furnace Tune-Ups

As the weather shifts and temperatures begin to cool down, the signs of fall season are clearly upon us. For homeowners throughout Utah, that means it’s time to ensure your HVAC system, namely your furnace, is in tip-top shape headed into warming season.

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air, we provide a variety of plumbing and HVAC services, from assisting you with water filters to performing basic yearly furnace tune-ups to keep your system ready for the fall and winter. This two-part blog will go over why furnace tune-ups are important, some steps you can take to prep your system for the tune-up and make it even simpler and easier, plus what to expect following a furnace inspection and tune-up.

Why Furnace Tune-Ups Matter

There are several reasons why furnace tune-ups are important, and they start with basic comfort and convenience. By checking on your thermostat and its various components early on in heating season, not only do you ensure everything is working well to keep you and your family warm through the winter, you also allow our heating and air technicians to spot any minor issues taking place and repair them for little to no cost – rather than allowing them to worsen until they become major concerns with a high price tag.

On top of this, furnace tune-ups are important because they’re actually required by many manufacturer’s warranties. Annual equipment maintenance is a common clause in warranty contracts, meaning if you go without a tune-up for the year and your furnace breaks down, the cost won’t be covered and will fall squarely on you.

For the rest of today’s blog, we’ll look at some steps you can take to troubleshoot the furnace before your tune-up appointment.

Air Filter Concerns

Air filters are a vital piece of your furnace’s overall efficiency. Clean filters allow the entire system to operate freely and at peak capacity, while dirty ones can lead to everything from restricted airflow to decreased efficiency and a rising utility bill each month just to maintain the same level of heat as before.

The simplest test for an air filter: Pull it out of the furnace and hold it up to a light. If you can see light coming through strongly, the filter still has some life. If not, it’s likely time to replace it.

Air Vents

Some assume you can save money on your heating bill by shutting certain vents in limited-use rooms, but closing too many here can increase furnace pressure and actually lower its efficiency. We actually recommend opening up all your vents in advance of a furnace tune-up, as doing so will allow us to get a proper picture of how the system is functioning.

Thermostat Check

Finally, check that your thermostat is working correctly. If you haven’t changed batteries in a few years, consider doing so at the beginning of this season. From here, just confirm that actual temperatures continue to match the desired temperatures and there’s no malfunction in any part of the thermostat’s electrical connections.

For more on how to prepare for a furnace tune-up, or to learn about any of our plumbing or heating and air services, speak to the staff at Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air today.